Desiree is a great breather. I had my deepest experience with her. I know that experiences vary depending on how open I am, in the moment is right, and other such factors, but considering this and also that I have had sessions from other breathers (some ‘highly’ experiences, some trainees) I still say that Desiree is -very good-. Because of her personality - which is powerful, willful, heartful, open to experimenting, open minded and humorous, her approach can be very effective, specially on hard nuts like me. For this reason I am writing this letter, because am confident in recommending her.
— Dan Romascan
Breathwork was a phenomenal experience. I received way more than I expected even after having experienced other alternative health sessions. You can feel the progression as you go through each session and each leaves you revitalised and energetic once it sinks in. This is definitely a must have experience for anyone looking to better their life.
— Kyle @
You’re gift is phenomenal. I feel new. Alive. Light. Switched on. Your words and your way have healed me. I see my Mom with brand new eyes. Trips to the bank used to be frustrating and I’d feel embarrassed because she’d say odd things to people. The last one was a breeze. The medicine, the balm of acceptance has lifted and removed the weight of frustration and sadness I was feeling. We need to share this with others.
— Mmaphala Letsatle
Breathing. Vital to living. Breathing is something we do without thinking and often take for granted. Thank you for reminding me of its awareness. Your caring in your sessions are so heart felt. Even though I have dealt with my issues your sessions took me even deeper and got me to realise so much more. your sessions have been enlightening, uplifting and energising, bringing new levels of peace. I would recommend everyone to fully engage in this excercise without expectation and receive what gift the universe and breath has for each and every one of us. Just Breathe! So much gratitude to you delightful Desiree.
— Nasreen Essack. BA. ACC. Econ.HED
Breathing has been to me a window to escape to that peaceful place of finding myself and it has equipped me to face the world again with such ease and evokes, out of me, the confidence that lye within me and nothing else could have achieved this for me. My body, mind and soul are in sync, balanced. After my 3rd session everything appears clearer.
— Florence Togara @ Strawberry Beauty Spa
I have done a number of breathing sessions with Desiree. She is incredibly knowledgeable and caring in her work. I have benefited hugely from the breathing sessions being able to let go of issues that I had long held on to. I would recommend this healing for anyone who wants to move past hurts and unproductive beliefs of the past.
— Britt MacFarlane @ Higher Conscious Leadership coach

I  had a transformational breath session with Desiree as I wanted to release pent up emotions . I found the experience incredibly releasing, opening and comforting. I felt that Desiree supported my internal upset very well. This is a wonderful energetic tool to support you through times of distress. Desiree is a natural therapist who I would recommend to other therapists especially as we take on a great deal due to the nature of our job.

Candice.Van.Eeden - Skype Nutritional Therapist