One to one sessions are held in relaxing, quite and safe space held with healing sounds of music. 1st session you will gain knowledge of the theory of transformational breathing, attaining an intention for your session. Improving your breathing, integrating emotions and aligning to your authentic self. During the session you will be lying down in a fully supported, comfortable position. After an analysis of your natural breathing pattern you will guided into a conscious connected breath which requires breathing into the belly fully with a relaxed exhale. Our tools used to free negative emotions consists of sound, movement and body mapping for 45 minutes. Following the guided session, allowing yourself up to 15 minutes of deep relaxation to integrate the process and connect with your inner self, leaving you feeling more energetic and having a greater sense of peace and loving.

We all have to live together, so we might as well live together happily.
— Dalai Lama

Our initial session lasts for a minimum 90 minutes in which we will achieve possibilities of your breath. Sessions following last for a minimum of 60 minutes, reconnecting with yourself.

First ever Transformational Breathing seminar in Botswana, august 2015. Info at Transformational Breath®.