A little bit about me


After practising as a certified Life coach (ICF) for many years i came across Transformational Breathing in 2010 whilst on a 10 day intensive detox /cleaning therapy program in Bodrum Turkey at www.thelifeco.com.  After years of having 1 to 1 sessions and Alan breath circle i was promoted to begin my own personal development journey in 2012. Transformational Breath is a gift to myself which lead me training in the UK and Kenya, bringing it home to Botswana as certified breath facilitator in 2015 attracting those who know there is always enough.

My journey started while working for the most wonderful courtier Tomasz Starzewski who dressed women like Margaret Thatcher, Shirley Bassey, Ivana Trump and Queen Noor of Jordan, just to name a few. Gaining inspiration from these wonderful women made me want to be the best I can. I continued in fashion for many years. In early 2006, events lead me to become a credited international life coach, ascending me to another phase of my evolution.  Always searching for tools to assist people initially from their image.  Moving to soul desires with life coaching. Eventually embarking on transformational breath in 2010.  My journey continues introducing conscious breathing to Botswana and behold I have arrived. I am home in the now. I am solid. I am free. In the ultimate I dwell. Having worked with over 100 first time breathers in Botswana it's my intention to travel the country connecting all wishing to return to conscious breathing.

Training in London, Kenya and Tuscany. 

"Let your light shine bright like a diamond"


I am a Certified Transformational Breath Teacher Trainer  find out more  Transformational Breath® Foundation  on the International  Facilitators page under Botswana

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